I guess the intro comes now, right? So, here goes.

My name is Sarah, also known as spoiledsquish, The Grammar Nazi/Totalitarian, or most commonly referred to as "The Crazy Bitch From Hell."

I'm 20 years old, and currently enrolled at the University Of Utah. I'm the youngest of seven kids, and live in the freak-ass town called Taylorsville, Utah, which is inside of Salt Lake City.

I have one cat, my baby Tiger, and four brothers, and two sisters, although the one, Becky, could be referred as an animal, I suppose...

I've been writing in general for over ten years, but having discovered Buffy/Angel over 8 years ago, I delved into the tiny world called fanfiction. And thus the fascination began....

I just want to say thank you to all who've supported me, and my fanfiction beliefs over the years. I love you all for it, and I'm so happy that we're on this journey together.

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