I want to mention first off, that these clips are put on here specifically for vidding or using them for some sort of montage. The audio/sound tends to cut off at parts during the ripping and all of these clips have been used for vidding, at one point.

I also want to mention that, even though these clips have a tag embedded in them, they are here for your use. The only reason I embedded a tag into them, is so that those of you who feel the need to not credit me for my generousity of ripping these clips from my personal time, can recieve proper punishment.

I'm not doing this to be rude, but it's not right that I take my personal time to do this, and then don't recieve credit. To save all the drama, just credit me and send me a link, okay?

Right now the only clips listed are B/A'esque. This is only temporary, because I know everyone has their own preference of ships. I've only added the B/A clips that were on my desktop. I will get to the rest later, so don't email me asking when I am gonna add them. I'll add them when I add them.

If you have a specific specific clip you want listed, please email me and I will put it up. The only ships I refuse to list on here are B/S and A/C, because most of the people here don't like them.

If it is a B/S or A/C clip you are in need of, email me privately and I will send it to you.

To save a vid, right click on the link, and "Save Target As". If the link does not let you download the clip, come back in about five or ten minutes and redo it. Geo can be a tad slow so don't fret!

Alive-Buffy finds out Angel is alive.

Always-Buffy decides she needs a break from her relationship with Angel after finding out about Faith's betrayal.

Dance-Angel surprises Buffy at her Senior Prom with one last dance.

Dream-Buffy and Angel share a dream, courtesy of the First Evil.

Drink Me-Buffy saves Angel by offering her blood

Faith Wins Again-Buffy and Angel argue over Faith's return.

Goodbye-Buffy sees Angel one last time.

Go To Hell-Buffy has a chilling nightmare of Angel.

Haunted-Buffy dreams of better days with Angel.

Ice Talk-Buffy talks to Angel about her eighteenth birthday plans.

No Goodbye-Angel alerts Buffy that he's not going to say goodbye.

Peanut Butter-Buffy and Angel indulge in chocolate-y peanut butter goodness.

Return-When Buffy puts an end to her past, he comes back to her.

Sleep-Buffy watches over a confused Angel as he sleeps.

Spordelia-Revelations are made as Buffy and Angel share in her eighteenth birthday.

Sunlit Kiss-Angel surprises Buffy with a passionate kiss in the sunlight.

Touch-Buffy comes to check on a now tormented Angel.

Tying Up Angel-Buffy chains up a newly resurrected Angel.

Waiting For You-Angel is always waiting for Buffy in her dreams.

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