Why did you decide on the name Seductive Web?

Because everyone knows that Buffy and Angel were stuck in a web of angst and drama. The term seductive comes from the way Angelus watched Buffy fight in Becoming. It was seductive to me...Ergo, Seductive Web.

Didn't it used to be called Love's Eden? Why the name change?

Yes, this site was briefly known as Love's Eden. I changed the name and the whole site in general because I felt Seductive Web was a better fit to the character's and their relationships with each other.

I submitted a story for archiving but it hasn't been posted. Why?

If your story isn't posted usually within a week, it's because I'm either busy with RL or there's a personal reason why I haven't archived it. I'm pretty picky about who I host, and I will always get alert people who are/are not being hosted.

Can I host your fics on my site, as long as I send you a link?

No. I want to look at the site my stuff is being hosted at. I've had trouble previously with hosting, so I am sort of hesistant about who hosts my work.

Any chance you could design something for me?

Depends on what it is and how fast you need it. I need at least a week's notice.

Any other questions, email me.

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