These stories are either random ideas or fics I plan on writing. I have no idea when they will be posted, if ever.

Return Of Innocence

Buffy/Angel. NC-17, AR. Buffy Summers has been hunting vampires since witnessing her parents gruesome deaths. When fate throws her a curveball by meeting the vamp who killed them, will she let her lingering feelings get in the way of her vengeance.

Screaming Infidelities

Fred/Wesley. NC-17, PWP, AU. Fred is an intern for a premiere law firm in L.A. When she finds herself attracted to her married boss, where will her feelings take her?

Shattered Eloquence

Buffy/Angel. NC-17, AU. Buffy Anne Summers has been in the papparazzi's eye since she was a toddler. When her life and the lives of her family and friends are turned upside down by the media, it's up to her to make a complicated decision that will change her future forever.

Somewhere I Belong

Buffy/Angel, Fred/Wesley. NC-17, AU. As best friends, Buffy Summers & Winnifred Burkle do everything together. When one goes off to in search of their identity, will the other one be able to survive?

American Dreamgirl

Buffy/Angel, Fred/Wesley. NC-17, AU. Angel O'Connor has always been renowned for bedding influential women in the public eye. When he makes a bet with Wesley Wyndam Pryce on who can score with one of America's top models first, both men are forced to reflect on their personal lives.