Specialty Clips

I want to mention first off, that these clips are put on here specifically for vidding or using them for some sort of montage. The audio/sound tends to cut off at parts during the ripping and all of these clips have been used for vidding, at one point.

I also want to mention that these clips are here for your use. Please be aware that I do have ways of finding out if you take these clips and don't give me due creds. To save all the drama, just credit me and send me a link, okay?

This is a totally different section that the regular BTVS/ATS clips section. If you have specifically asked for a clip from me, this is where I will post them, so that you can download them at your own pace.

To suggest a clip, contact me with the specified file information that you need.

To save a vid, right click on the link, and "Save Target As". If the link does not let you download the clip, come back in about five or ten minutes and redo it. Geo can be a tad slow so don't fret!

Revived-Xander revives Buffy after her battle with the Master.

Sunnydale Visit-Angel apologizes to Buffy after the mishap in Los Angeles with Faith.

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